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Welcome to the volunteer website! We are excited to help you volunteer with patients in our community. This is a new website, and we expect there to be errors as we roll out new changes. If you run into errors or have questions, please message Jacob Clarke.

Clinic Sign Ups

All clinics are run on either a lottery or first-come-first-served basis. This is indicated by a (Lottery) indicator at the top of the clinic. More information can be found at Clinics.

  • 14 days before clinic

    Clinic Lotteries are Opened on two weeks before each event.
  • Students sign up for Clinics. (These are only signups. You may sign up for a clinic even if it shows that more than the required number have already signed up. Students will be randomly chosen from the signups when the lottery is run and these students will be notified.)
  • Sunday Before Clinic

    Lottery is run and selected students are notified.
You will receive email confirmations at these times:
  1. When lottery sign-ups open on Sundays.
  2. When you sign up for a position on the lottery.
  3. If you are selected for a position when the lottery is run on Sundays.
  4. A reminder 3 days before your assigned shift.
Lottery SignUps
  1. In the Menu Bar on the left side, select Clinics.
  2. Navigate to the week of open clinics using the arrows underneath the date range.
  3. Find the appropriate clinic.
  4. Make sure you confirm the heading indicates the correct clinic and date.
  5. Clinics Click on the position for which you wish to sign up. You should see a notification in the bottom left of the screen, indicating a successful sign-up. The position bar will then turn blue. If you receive a notification that your sign-up failed, make sure that you have the appropriate training to sign up for that position.

You can check how many volunteers will be selected for any given position, as well as how many other students are signed up for that spot using the number counter next to the position name. (# of sign-ups / # of volunteer spots that will be selected). If you wish to remove yourself from a sign-up, simply click on that position again. You should see a notification in the bottom left of the screen, indicating you have successfully been removed. The position bar will revert to grey.